ranting post


This word has been with me since starting of the year and it sucks big time.
It is making my life progressing in an aimless way, making my studies going haywire, and nearly made me single again.. =/

Yeah. When emo-ing, people just tend to snap at everybody alot, even with best friends.
But if you are really best friends, no matter how he/she snapped at you, you will still smile at them when they finally come to their senses and apologize to you. If he/she got tired of you, well you need to ponder on yourself.. It might be you crossing the line already, and you need to get a grip on yourself.

A good quote, which is sad, but true. You have to make the best out of your life YOURSELF. Learnt it the hard way.


Am suddenly lost for words.. Too many things have been in my mind lately, and its bursting.. Feels the need to release but dont know how, and this is the most torturing part.
Feel like crying, but its useless..
Exams around the corner, but still cant focus on studies.. The truth is, this semester, have been fooling around way overboard and now I wish I can rewind time and make this semester more useful, and actually learn something..
Maybe the pressure of getting All Pass is affecting me.. Been abit too worried about it, until the mood to really study, to embrace the true meaning of study is gone..
It's just study for exam, study for pass, study to graduate and get my ass outta here..

And about the future, am so confused.. I have to search for jobs already.. Pressure from mum is just too much to handle now.. Don't even know what's the next step to take..
Is my world falling apart again? I know I can stand up again, but when is it? Do I need to sink lower than the last one, only to have the strength to pull myself up again?
Am getting addicted to the loser feeling and don't even care to try to straighten things out..

I wish boyfie is here.. He'll be able to maybe "slap" me awake? haha.. He's struggling on the other side of the world too.. Both of us falling together.. Don't even know how to console each other when we are in the same shit together.. -_- ahh well, this is life right? At least sometimes, only sometimes, we can understand fully how each other is feeling. 

Haha.. this post is going nowhere...
Well, it suits the post title aint it?


Anyway, gotta go 'save' my life now. 
Probably gonna laugh my future self off when I read this post again. ^o^


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