Throwback updates 2014-2017 + 2018 Resolution

Dear blog,

I'm glad you are still here. One problem with online pages/accounts, it gets deleted when being inactive for some time. It's been 4 years since I've login here, and I'm glad all things are still the way it used to be.
A lot has happened in my life this past 4 years. In my last blog, I was still a degree student; now I'm one of the desk job employee for at least 3 years already. Time really flies. Seeing this is the 1st month of year 2018, I'm going to start fresh. Time to recap.

2014-My last semester in degree for the first half year, second half year, landed in a not-so-bad job and started the life of an adult. Started classes in Japanese language.

2015-Started gym in CF, becoming best friends with MW, a collegue&gym partner. Had a big fight with my bestie around mid year and we have been in cold war for at least a year after that. Went to Taiwan for Ken's graduation in June. He came back in July and started work in September. Long distance …

ranting post

This word has been with me since starting of the year and it sucks big time. It is making my life progressing in an aimless way, making my studies going haywire, and nearly made me single again.. =/
Yeah. When emo-ing, people just tend to snap at everybody alot, even with best friends. But if you are really best friends, no matter how he/she snapped at you, you will still smile at them when they finally come to their senses and apologize to you. If he/she got tired of you, well you need to ponder on yourself.. It might be you crossing the line already, and you need to get a grip on yourself.
A good quote, which is sad, but true. You have to make the best out of your life YOURSELF. Learnt it the hard way.
Am suddenly lost for words.. Too many things have been in my mind lately, and its bursting.. Feels the need to release but dont know how, and this is the most torturing part. Feel like crying, but its useless.. Exams around the corner, but still cant focus on stud…

The random things of the day

Hi folks, I'm back again! =D

Actually blogging for me is just a thing I will only think of as the last resort of boredness =/

So if you realised, I only blog during holidays or the starting of my semester, just because I'm too laaaazzzzzzzyyyy to write random things.. xD

But today I just feel like blogging, and I wouldn't let my inspiration go to waste right?

Just now on the way to Mcdonald's to drive-tru some criss-cut fries, I saw 2 things that captured my attention.

1st one, is a garden decoration.
It was green in colour, some times ago... But now all the leaves died and became brown in colour..
I guess the house owner doesn't want to decoration anymore.. LOL..

Then I passed by a neighbourhood with some luxurious house. There's one house I loved to design and colour...
I hope one day I'm rich enough to make my future house looks just like that.. =D
And oh on the end note.. Yes! Mcdonald's criss-cut fries is back! For criss-cut fries lovers, b…


Ditched my blog for the nth time and I make my come back with this random post.. xD

A lot has happened since my last post, which was in.... errr... February? haha..

With final exams for the last sem, and starting of the new sem, followed by boyfie's back from Taiwan for summer holidays and now back to Taiwan already. Time flies.

So fast, 2012 is going to end soon without us noticing.. And all my close friends had their birthday passed already, which means MY birthday is around the corner!


I don't wanna be 22!! *throws tantrum*
But life goes on anyway....

Joined my uni's choir just to make some friends and pass time.. Found out I really enjoyed singing and playing important role although performing in a big group. As choir needs everybody to sound in their correct note although the sound will be coming out in a blend and it is very very important to blend your voice in your own group before blending it in a big group to make the song sound good.

30th August was…

Nano Block -- My New Toy

Today I went to Popular bookstore to hunt for some things to spend my rm100 voucher..
Another rm100 has been used to buy textbook (see I'm such a good student xD)..
Then left this rm100, and I have no idea what to buy..
Actually I was pondering whether to buy the The Hunter Game Trilogy or not..
But after reading the synopsis, it doesn't really attract me that much..
So I wandered somemore in search for other things..
After wandering for nearly an hour, I gave up finding books already, cuz I don't really have time reading them all yet.. ><
Then I come across Westlife recent album -- which is also their last album..
I didn't have the chance to buy it yet, and so I took it..
I have around rm50+ more to spend, that was when I saw it..


They are mini version of Lego..
And I found the ones that I like -- an electric keyboard and an electric guitar..
When I reach home, I started putting those blocks together..
It is very easy to do..
It took me about 40mins …


还有...想逃lecture的心情又再次涌上心头了 *猛摇头...不可以!不可以!*

在此向我的好姐妹赔罪 *鞠躬*
但我知道你不会介意的 =P
被barred的原因,原来我这学期还的sem fee只还了3个科目..
一个email也可以send过来吧,不是很困难罢了.. /_\


很喜欢Instagram....因为它会把我拍到美美的 ^////^ 还有它的效果我也很喜欢.. 很有feel...xD

对了..今天是我们PD2第一个presentation,也是这个学期第一个presentation...发觉我的group members都很有料哦~ 喜欢和他们合作... 希望我们不会有什么冲突..顺顺利利完成这个学期~♥

My Existence

Throughout the years, I felt that my world is shrinking in a very alarming state..
Friends around me are getting lesser and lesser, from secondary school, to my pre-u years and now degree..
Is my existence fading? Am I a Torch which is burning weaker and weaker each day?
Pardon my last question.. It's just an impact of watching too much Shakugan No Shana.. xD
Those people who watched that anime should know what the heck this author is trying to implement here.. xD

Okay, back to topic..
In my secondary years, I don't have the problem of getting friends.. People just come and talk to me so naturally.. I have loads and loads of friends and I was a happy kid back then..
In my pre-u years, I still can find a gang of girls to hang out with, and the gang of the musical group..
I did had fun those 2 years..
Then, as I step into my degree years...
People just seem so unfriendly.. Or is it just me?
I can't seem to approach anybody, I can't seem to make friends..
Now, in my 2nd y…